[Historic mission]

 Expand "DUSSE", "CKTZ" brand influence, achieve domestic brands international, social and professional focus on fostering sustainable enterprises capable of excellence and fraternity.

[Market Positioning]

 Petroleum, chemical, natural gas, pipeline transportation, water treatment, metallurgy industry, municipal construction, focusing on the gradual development of the food, paper, printing and dyeing industry, eventually becoming fluid control field scale, technology, and professional businesses.

[Product Positioning]

 Strict implementation of GB, API, EN standard, relying on advanced technology, professional technology, strong strength, ball valves, butterfly valves, control valves, safety valves, gate valves, globe valves, actuators for high-quality, strengthen special valves solid sewage valve, pigging valve promotion and hydraulic control valves, check valves and other production facilities. Introduction of new technologies, new materials, new technology to speed up product upgrading and updating.

[Brand Positioning]

Sold to the sustenance of every product users of our trust and support, represents a "DUSSE" the company's image, all affect the "DUSSE" brand. Strict design, manufacture, inspection clearance, never allow defective products into the market, and resolutely crack down on counterfeit products.

[Price positioning]

        Integration of resources, integrated control, possible cost savings for the user. Under the same quality and the lowest price, with the price of the highest quality.

Marketing: Customer service satisfaction first precision marketing business integrity

Quality: The standard sound system for the program to build brand excellence

Technology: Innovation as the first fine in the pursuit of excellence and refinement professional focus

Production: meticulous detail and strict obedience customer quality and quantity

Management: The system performance specifications for duty sound system of reckoning



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