Shanghai dusse Valve Co. Ltd. (SHANGHAI DUSSE VALVE CO., LTD.) is a Sino foreign joint venture Sichuan cates Valve Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in Shanghai established independent branch, is mainly responsible for the cates valve in East China region, publicity, sales, technical support, after-sales service, to make up for lack of factories from the east area of China to. Marketing center is located in Shanghai city of Xhenzhuang Industrial Park, the headquarters is located in Sichuan city of Zigong Province, is the first in Sichuan province Zigong city board warehouse industrial park enterprises (National Industrial Park). We set the valve, the valve actuators and related product design, development, manufacturing, export processing, technical consulting, sales and service and to provide fluid control solutions in a body specialized enterprise. After years of development, now has 3 manufacturing and processing base, is currently a few set valve actuator valve production, development in one of the modern enterprise. The company covers an area of 205 mu, building area of 124000 square meters, annual production design capacity of 75000 tons, the production specifications for more than 1000, diameter 15 ~ 1400mm, pressure 150LB ~ 2500LB valve.

The company "CKTZ (meaning: the Blazers)" trademark was awarded the title of "Sichuan famous brand", "Sichuan province famous brand products for". Ball valve in the oil, Sinopec, CNOOC and other large domestic petrochemical enterprises designated suppliers; establish good cooperative relations with Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kuwait and other countries of the petrochemical and natural gas company. As the west east gas transmission station project, Sannan Clark Harder Guangdong Huade oil depot, Dalian Beiliang port oil terminal, Qinghai Shibuya grid line project, Sichuan oil and gas field development project, the main ChangWuLin gas engineering, Bangladesh Dhaka gas and gas pipe network transformation, Jalalabad natural gas transportation engineering, Canada Dyfed company oil well pipeline, the United States Energy Service Companies low-temperature ethylene treatment project to provide a large number of ball valve ball valve; provide water and electricity for bipeng Gou, Yingjiang, asbestos Chahe two power stations (diameter 300 to 1100, head the largest gap 960 meters). Companies export products accounted for 50% of total sales, with the United States, Britain, France and Germany, Italy and so on more than 20 countries have established close cooperation relationship with customers. CKTZ ball valve in the domestic petrochemical, natural gas, pipeline transportation, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and other industries and North America, EU, Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia and other places to enjoy a good reputation, is Emerson's Fischl ball valve only global OEM manufacturer.


Over the years, the company with advanced management, reliable quality, excellent service from both at home and abroad to win the praise of the market and peer recognition, products are mainly exported to Europe and America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. The products through the valuation of the company America Ship Inspection Bureau Group quality (ABS QE) quality certification and API607 fire test certification ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, USA Petroleum Institute API6D products, the European CE certification, and obtained the national pressure piping TS production license; is China petroleum and natural gas, petroleum chemical industry supply network member member Chinese factory and Chinese Association of valve. Companies rely on the joint venture company valve design and advanced manufacturing technology, all of the use of AutoCAD aided design, has a large number of is a delegate with NC machine tools, hard seal ball valve special CNC machining center, diving type valve integral pressure testing equipment and paint spraying and baking line suspension conveying the full set of high performance processing, testing and painting equipment, all products can be produced according to GB, API, DIN, JIS, BS and other standards, the annual export volume accounted for more than 60% of the output value of the company.

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