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Valve prospect, demand driven development
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Nowadays, with the great development of China's economy and technology, the valve is also increasing the variety, the application of the valve industry more and more, such as the petrochemical industry, oil refining industry, nuclear industry, power industry are widely used. More and more industry application of the valve more new requirements, quality and technical requirements for valves are increasingly high, the development prospect of the following standard Bai took a look at the valve in various sectors of.      Petrochemical Industry: petrochemical industry has been very intense competition, the valve device of the most stringent requirements, the future of the valve will coincide with the industrial automation, promote overall valve equipment to improve the level of equipment, petrochemical valves development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption. The annual output value of each year in China's petrochemical enterprises in the billions, this shows that China's valve market, we should change from the market point of view, to ensure the stability and development.
         Refining industry: China's oil refining industry after 60 years of development, the rapid expansion of the scale of production. In the promotion of a series of policies and measures, in 2010 China's oil refining industry output value and yield of sustained growth, structural adjustment step by step, continue to maintain a good momentum of development. In 2010, the oil refining industry output value of 2425200000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 38%. It can also be seen that the valve application of China's oil refining industry huge market space.
        Nuclear power industry: valves in this industry as a nuclear power equipment foundation equipment, generally has the capacity of 5-10%. Chinese will continue its nuclear power development plan, in 2015 and 2020, nuclear power installed capacity reached 40GW and 75GW respectively, the examination and approval Chinese will restart the new nuclear power project in mid 2012 before and after the. So in this field will continue to launch new products, new equipment to meet market demand.
        In addition, the construction industry and special needs of industry valve applications. The valve is very extensive use, many companies have used, which fully shows that the valve development is very rapid, with good prospect.

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